A wide variety of packaging technologies for industry

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Agriculture Packaging

Bags for packaging fresh herbs and extending shelf-life, cover sheets for planting, packaging for fruits and more.
Agricultre Solutions
Industry Packaging

Packaging for Industry

Packaging of profiles, surface covering, insulation wrapping, medical equipment packaging, and more.

Bio-degradable compost bags

Bio-degradable compost bags, bags for preserving fruits, vegetables, and herbs in refrigeration, perishable sandwich bags.
Compost Bags

Industry and Agriculture Packaging Solution to extend products Shelf Life

Industry Packaging
Atifit Packaging Solutions
for Agriculture and Industry

Innovative Industry Packaging Solutions

Herbs Packaging

Packaging and Innovation

We believe innovation is one of the most important growth engines for Atifit’s expansion and development.

Innovation is the key to competition between corporations in the business world in which we operate – the world of flexible packaging; a world that provides protection, preservation and branding for packaged products.

We are leaders in providing high-quality, reliable, efficient and swift service for our various customers and help develop new products, the ideal place for brainstorming, coming up with innovative and creative solutions for all packaging and wrapping needs. Synergy with our customers enables them to come up with optimal solutions for the different needs arising from the field.

We have developed a brand called Eco Keep, under which we manufacture several new products for home consumers. Products from bio-degradable materials including bags for collecting organic waste which decompose within 3 months in a home or industrial composter. Additionally, we have developed sandwich bags whose advantage lies in the fact that they may be disposed with organic waste. Bio-degradable material may be used to manufacture different packaging and wrapping products based on customers’ and consumers’ needs. We would be glad to be at your service.