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Why You Should Use Grow Bags In Your Nursery Plants

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Grow Bags are exactly what their name suggests: durable bags used for growing plants. Usually, Grow Bags are made of plastic though some are made of fabric. 

Grow Bags are Perfect for Plants 

Our Grow Bags are perfect for plants that don’t have deep roots, like herbs, salad greens, flowers, fruits, and vegetables like tomatoes, red peppers, and more. Basically, if it’s a plant that can grow in a pot, it can also grow in a Grow Bag. 

Grow Bags are the perfect solution for growing plants on patios and balconies, or anywhere else where there isn’t an in-ground garden, including professional nurseries. 

Benefits of Planting Bags

So, what are the benefits of using Grow Bags and why do we need them if we have perfectly good pots and containers? Well, there are quite a few good reasons to start using Grow Bags instead of pots.

Keeps Roots Healthier

When plants grow in pots, their roots tend to circle and become entangled, increasing the risk of oxygenation or water stagnation, especially in pots that don’t have proper drainage. 

In addition, when the roots reach the bottom of the pot they continue growing, searching for water and nutrients. The roots then become constricted, preventing the plant from getting enough water and nutrients; when the stem becomes compressed as well, the plant receives even less water and fewer nutrients.

Grow Bags solve these issues because when the roots reach the bottom of the bag, they sense that the soil is exposed to the air and know they reached the growth limit. This prevents root overgrowth, leading to healthier plants.

Temperature is Properly Regulated

 When a pot is placed in the sun it can easily get overheated because heat gets trapped inside it. Grow Bags, on the other hand, are made with built-in holes that allow excess heat to escape, which prevents overheating. 

Makes Watering Easier

You cannot overwater plants in Grow Bags because excess water is released through the holes in the bag. It’s also worth mentioning that due to the porous quality of the bag, you will need to water more frequently. 

Can be Easily Moved

Since Grow Bags are lightweight (much lighter than pots), it’s super easy to move them around. 

Compact for Easy Storage

Grow Bags that are not in use are a lot easier to store than a huge pile of pots. With Grow Bags, all you need to do is fold them flat and stack them. 

Your Planting Goes Faster

The flexible material makes planting in Grow Bags faster and easier than. In conventional pots.

Eco Friendly Bags

Our bags are made of biodegradable and compostable materials that break down quickly and leave no toxins behind.

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