Industrial Packaging

Branded wrappings for industrial products

Over the years, we have specialized in the development and manufacturing of different types of packaging and wrapping for industrial products, various plastic accessories, metal products, products for retail and other market segments. The packaging is made of polyethylene (PE) sheets or rolls, polypropylene (PP), or PVC in various thicknesses and widths on demand. Sheets and bags may be printed with designs, instructions, logos, and other messages in a selection of colors.


Labeling and packing tape

Labeling tape in a variety of lengths upon demand, designed for marking work areas and safety zones. Made of polyethylene in different colors and prints. Packing tape is available for a number of uses, such as wrapping different industrial components, including profiles, handrails, plastic, and iron products. The packing tape is installed in an industrial machine that performs the packaging process, providing the products with protection and branding.

Packaging for the textile industry

We produce polyethylene and polypropylene packaging for many leading textile manufacturers such as Unidress, Tefron, Delta, and others. These packages serve to protect the products while displaying and branding them on the shelf. We are the only Israeli manufacturers of PVC packaging for bed linens and tablecloths for manufacturers that include Office, Kitan, and Vardinon.


Industry packaging

Industrial Packaging

Bags, sheets, and rolls of packing products that we apply during the industrial production process. May be ordered according to the customer’s needs, with optional printing and branding.

Labeling and Packaing Tapes

Product Cover Packaging

Branded Shrink Wrap

Textile Industry Packaging