Home Use Packaging


Bags that preserve fresh vegetables, fruits, and herbs

for two weeks in the refrigerator.
After years of development and manufacturing of bags for herbs for the agricultural sector, we have outdone ourselves by developing a product for household use – a bag developed using a special technology that extends the shelf-life of herbs, fruits and vegetables in the home refrigerator. The bag is equipped with a reusable closing strip based on technology that maintains the ideal climate for preserving the freshness of fruits, vegetables and herbs.

Bio-degradable compost bags

When you use bio-degradable compost bags to recycle organic waste, your waste bin is dryer and less smelly. The bags are designed for everyday use inside the compost bin on the kitchen counter. The bags are made of corn, and after they are emptied into the brown compost bin outside the house, they decompose within it, enabling us to preserve the environment. Use of bio-degradable compost bags keeps the main garbage bin dry.

Bio-degradable sandwich bags

Bags made of environmentally friendly bio-degradable material that decomposes within three months in a compost production process without leaving any remains.

The reusable bags are locally made in Israel out of corn.

Shelf Life extension

Home use Packaging

Bio-degradable compost bags, sandwich bags, and others that extend shelf-life and preserve fresh vegetables, fruits, and herbs for two weeks in the refrigerator!

Herbs Life Extend Bags

Bananas Life Extend Bag

Bio-degradable compost bags

Greens & Fruit Life Extend Packaging