Packaging for Agricultural

Herb bags that extend shelf-life

Herb bags for export and the local market, designed to preserve product freshness and extend shelf-life. Bags come in sizes from 1 to 5kg, manufactured and perforated based on Volcani Institute standards. The bags are used by farmers in Israel and worldwide for the packing and shipping stages until ultimately reaching the stores. They are packed in cardboard boxes, extending the shelf-life of fresh herbs for a period of around one month from the day they are picked.

Bags extend the shelf life of fresh herbs up to one month from the day they are picked.

Fruit and vegetable bags that extend shelf-life

A range of high-quality, durable packing bags for agricultural produce, manufactured according to each customer’s specific requirements. The bags come in varying sizes, from those suited to a single piece of fruit to packages in cardboard boxes and pallets. The bags are designed for packing agricultural produce for the export of fruits and vegetables, marketing organic produce, and as retail packages for bananas, grapes, mangos, and apples.

Ground coverings, bio-degradable sheets, and sleeves

Agricultural cultivation sheets and sleeves from bio-degradable material, germination inhibitors that help control the germination process, maintain ground heat, and prevent evaporation. The sheets are designed as ground covers, manufactured in density according to need and different perforation sizes on demand, in standard sizes and special dimensions, different colors, and printed according to customer specifications.

Planting bags

Durable planting bags used for a huge variety of seedlings in a range of sizes. The production process includes double welding that enables the bag to hold a significant amount of weight without tearing or damaging the plant’s roots. May be ordered in a variety of sizes and thicknesses. Our production upholds ISO 9001/2015 standards.

Agricultre Solutions

Agricultural Packaging

Over the past two decades, we have specialized in the development and sales of packaging products for the agricultural sector. Our products serve farmers in Israel and overseas from the stages of ground preparation, through harvesting, packing in the plant, and shipping, and thus ensuring longer shelf-life and maintaining high product quality.

Fruit, vegetable & herbs smart pack for extended shelf life

Planting Packaging

Herb bags that extend shelf-life

Ground coverings, bio-degradable sheets and sleeves